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How to Replace Garage Door Spring?

When it comes to the daily appliances of our house, we want everything to be the well-oiled machine. Whether it is our daily source of entertainment (Tv) or the kitchen appliance, the smooth functioning is mandatory. One more major apparatus of the house these days is the Garage door. Since you have a part of your bread and butter parked in there, so it becomes very essential that these doors are in good working condition. 

How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring?

We know that you cannot just casually leave the garage open because of the hidden treasure there. Hence, it is important that the door of the garage does not sitch you any case. You will not understand the significance of a perfectly working door until you face a broken one. The ease of a device merely opening and closing from the surface should not be taken for granted. Once the door of your garage is broken, the first instinct of most people is to browse “How to replace a broken garage door spring” and give a shot to fix the issue. When you research a bit you will realize that there are two types of spring. When you are aware of the spring type installed in the garage door, you may browse “how to replace garage door torsion spring” or “how to replace garage door side springs” instead of just looking for “how to replace garage door spring”. 

But first, know if the garage door is really broken or not. 

How to know if the garage door is broken?

Once your door is broken, it will become a lot heavier than usual. It is not necessary that your door will come down crashing as soon as it breaks. You will be able to understand by the unusual sound of the giant metal spring snapping. Well, there is no such hard and fast rule that says the garage door spring can only be fixed by a professional. But you must know how to replace garage door spring properly. 

To begin with the replacement of garage door spring you must know the type of spring that is used in your garage door. Generally, extension and torsion are two types of spring mostly used in the garage doors. 

Now you may wonder, how will you identify the type of spring used in your garage door? If the spring is thin and long that runs parallel to the door track horizontally then your garage door has extension springs. But in case the spring of your garage door is bulkier and is placed on a metal rod. The rod must be parallel to the door opening that must be placed above. In this case it a torsion spring. 

Garage Door Spring Breakage Reasons:

It does not matter what kind of spring has been installed in the garage door of your garage, the spring plays a vital role. 

Before you know how to replace garage door spring, it is essential for you to know that what are the reasons behind the breakage of these doors. Once you know the cause you will be able to take precautions that are within your reach. 

Rust: As we all are aware of the fact that anything made of metal is bound to catch rust over time. And once the metal spring of your garage becomes the prey of rust, it will alter the life-span of the spring to almost half. Apart from that, it will also increase the friction of the spring which will obviously increase the wear and tear of the spring. Do not panic, as there is a very easy fix to this issue. You can just spray WD-40 into the spring. Make sure you do it within a few months in a year. 

Poor Maintenance and mishandling: It is quite obvious that any appliance when not taken care of will start to throw some tantrums. You do not have to completely give all the attention to the garage door spring as it will only require some a few times in a year. Once you start spraying the WD-40 into the spring, you will notice that it works more smoothly. 

You can also keep a check once in a while by just lifting it a bit to the halfway. When the door goes nowhere it is an indication that the springs are in good condition. But if the door comes down crashing it is an indication that the spring has lost its best condition. 

The Cost-Saving Schemes: There are times when we tend to fall into the pitfall of the schemes that claim to offer the best product at a low price. This is the same with the springs, as some people fall for such things and get installed a cheaper quality version of the springs that costs twice in the maintenance. It is advised to have a hold of good quality springs in your garage door. As we all know that the mishappening comes unannounced, in this case, it might be because of the broken garage door which was installed with cheaper springs. 

Regular wear: We do not ask you to boycott the connection with your garage door. Just keep in mind that too much pressure on such things can cut off the service life a bit. The spring which is meant to last you a good time, it may not give you good service for much longer. We suggest you to avoid any unnecessary use of the door. 

Do you know why the Garage Door Springs Break in the Winter most often?

Well, we do not say that the spring of your garage door will only create an issue in the winter but it increases in winter because of the fall in the temperature. As we all know that the decrease in temperature in the winter season can cause the metal to contact. And once the metal spring is contacted, it means it will shrink a bit than usual which makes the movement restricted than normal. The more the temperature falls, the more chances of the spring are to brake. Keep in mind to keep using the WD-40 spray for the springs which will ease out the movement. 

How to Choose the Spring of Garage Door?

There are mainly two types of garage spring available in the market for your garage door. Both of them are acclaimed to work amazingly but have to be chosen on behalf of the garage door type. The types are Extension (Side spring) and Torsion spring. 

Extension or Side Spring:

You will be able to make out the extension spring with the help of the following characteristics:

  • Attached to the side of the door
  • Extends horizontally
  • Easy to install
  • Best suited for the overhead garage door and also for single car garage

How to Replace Garage Door Side Springs?

  • Release the tension on the garage door springs prior to attempting readjustments or replacements. You can do this by opening up the garage door fully until it hits the stop bolt on the roller track. Now attach a C-lamp to the track at a point below the lowest door roller and hold the garage door in this position.
  • This case is applied if you even have a garage door opener. The open door does not always make sure that the spring is released tension-free. You will have to disconnect the garage door by using the emergency release rope and push the garage door as far as it goes. Now repeat the claim process described above.
  • Lookout for any safety cables attached, remove and disconnect every wire or cables from the springs. You will find that the spring is attached at two points. One is a fixed attachment to the garage door roller track or wood frame and you will find the other one attached with a pulley through which the garage door cable is attached. Disconnect both and replace the old spring with the new one. And connect all the attachments with the new spring now. Be precautious with the garage door cable while reattaching the pulley as it may get twisted and damaged.
  • When you disconnect the pulley from the spring, look at it properly. If you see that the bearings of the pulley are not in good shape and are worn out, replace the old pulleys with the new ones. You cannot opt for getting the pulleys repaired as these can only be replaced. Replacing the door pulleys will make the functioning of the garage door much smoother and faster. We also suggest you check for the condition of stationery pulleys also, since you have already taken this much pain.
  • When all of the attachments are reattached, check that the door is functioning properly or not before reattaching all the cables. You may encounter a problem of the door not closing fully after the new spring installation.  Now for this problem, you will have to be sure that the bare end of the garage door cable is attached to the garage door roller track and loosen up the cable by an inch or two. This garage door end could be looped through the holes in the track, or it may be attached by a special clip and S-hook. In any of the cases mentioned, adjust both sides on an equal basis. Adjusting may require shortening of the cable or repositioning of the S-hook in a different hole of the track. Make sure that the springs are in the same position whenever the door is extended to its full (down position). 
  • If there is not enough tension in the springs, and you want to make the manual opening of the door an easier task, So you will definitely have to adjust the garage door cable for a much tighter position.

Congratulations, you now know How to Replace Garage Door Side Springs?

Torsion Spring:

You can identify the torsion spring with the help of the following characteristics:

  • These are known to be the wound springs 
  • Attached to the top of the garage door
  • Not expandable 
  • Complicated to install
  • Mostly used in two-car garages

How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Spring?

Sometimes it is not safe for the unprofessional and the old birds to take such a heavy-duty in their hands. It is advisable that such work should be done by some professionals. But, if you find yourself capable to do the task, then you must know the procedure to how to replace garage door torsion spring. Once you will be aware of the basics and keep an open mind on whatever you do, it will become a lot easier. But before you start with the procedure just make sure you stay safe. 

The steps mentioned below are the fool-proof hacks for you to fix your garage door in a snap. Just stick by what has been mentioned below and make sure you have the necessary tools. All the required items will be mentioned in this article itself. The best advice we can give you is that you should never depend on the screwdrivers and pin punchers while dealing with the torsion spring. Keep your hands off the pliers handles as well because it can harm you many possible ways. We recommend you to use the proper set of the winding bars which will hardly cost you $25 online or offline. 

Know the procedure to learn how to replace garage door torsion spring?

You do not have to worry if you do not know how to replace garage door torsion spring, as the steps mentioned below are user-friendly for the same. 

  • To bifurcate it a little for you we must tell you that the winding bars used by the professionals work with 1/2 -in. and 7/16-in. winding cones. Just in case the winding cones you are using have an opening of 1/2 -in. openings, cut it into a 36-in. length with the diameter of ½-in of the round bar stock in half to make a winding cone. After you have done so, make sure to file a smooth bevel at both ends. This will make the sliding easier when you put it into the winding cones. 
  • Now you must position your ladder at the side of the spring. This will put you on a safer side as you won’t be facing the spring while you are winding or unwinding. 
  • Make sure you do not connect the garage door opener to the power at any time when you are winding the springs. Keep in mind that the door should be locked in the lowered position. 
  • Before you begin with the process, we recommend wearing the leather gloves and eye protection for your own safety. Because let’s face it, you are no professional and a little precaution is better than cure. 
  • Once you step down from the ladder, make sure you move the ladder from there and then unclamp the door and test the balance. Do not even think of unclamping the door while you are still on the ladder as it may not have been fixed and can come crashing on you. 
  • Now locate a good spring and shove one winding bar into the winding cone. While doing so make sure that you shove it at the bottom and not on the top. After that garb a screwdriver to loosen the screws of the bar. 
  • Please keep in mind that once you loosen the screws the spring will give a powerful torque. Hence, you will have to be a bit careful after that. 
  • Now grab the second winding bar and insert it into the hole. Make sure you are inserting it into the 9:00 position. After that, you must remove the bar at the bottom. 
  • After the removal of the bar, you must unwind the spring. Make sure you turn a quarter-time while unwinding it. Ensure to leapfrog the winding bar every time you make a turn 
  • Locate the two nuts that are fastening the still spring cones to the center bracket. Once you locate them, remove them. And slide in the spring to the end of the brackets
  • Now you want the torsion tube to hold in the bracket for which you must snap a C-clamp onto the center bracket
  • Disconnect the lift cables by loosening the set screws. These set screws are located on the left and right cable drum.
  • To remove the cable drum you will have to slide the torsion tube at the right side by starting from the left side. 
  • Take out the old spring by sliding it off
  • Measure and calculate the diameter of the wire with the help of a measuring tape. You have to press the hook that is between the spring coils. Measure the length of 20 coils first then of the 40 coils. Converting the measurements into the decimals will make a bit easier. Now you must divide both the measurements by 20 and 40 respectively and you will get the diameter of the spring’s wire
  • Take hold of the new torsion spring and slide it in the torsion tube. Make sure it is facing the middle bracket. Now insert the torsion bar in the bearing bracket that is on the left side
  • Insert the torsion bar are the left side and end by sliding it at the center of the bearing. You must install the spring that is on the right side and also pushes the bearing in the stationery cone. After this, you can connect the cones at the center of the brackets.
  • There is a cable loop on the left side above the pin which has to be lifted. After this, you can insert a new roller and also put the new cables along with the bottom brackets
  • Now you will have to run the garage door wire. It should be straight in the rollers and door jamb. Make sure you slide in the cable stop. You can slide in it through the slot that is on the drum
  • While you are tightening the drums make sure that you are also snapping the lock pliers on the torsion tube. The drum has to be rotated in order to wind the wire. It will be winded in the winding grooves. Before you tighten the set screws you must pull the cable tightly. Repeat this procedure of tightening and leave the lockable pliers. Keep in mind that there should be equal tension on both ends in order to open the door evenly 
  • While you are winding the bar, make sure to wind it to the cone and it should also be towards the ceiling. You must turn the spring. Make sure you turn a quarter-time while unwinding it. Ensure to leapfrog the winding bar every time you make a turn. You will have to have a look at the supplier’s manual book to ensure the total number of the turns. In case you do not find it then you can make approximately 30 quarter turns if the door is 7ft tall. Otherwise, make the rotation count to 36 if the door is 8 ft tall for your garage
  • Once the spring has been winded up fully, pull the winding bar in order to stretch it from the center for approx ¼ in. Keep rotating the set screw until you witness a contact with the torsion tube. After this, tighten the screw a bit. Make sure you do not tighten the screw too much otherwise it will create distortion for the torsion tube
  • Sliding a piece of paper or something thin is recommended between the spring and the wall. You can also apply some door lube spray and clean the excess from the surface. 

Once you have executed the steps mentioned above you can check the garage door and see if it is fixed or not by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Gently remove the pliers and the clamp off the torsion tube
  • Now just lift the garage door to approx 3 ft using your hand 
  • Once you leave the door from your hands, it should stay in its place
  • In case this does not happen and the door comes crashing, you have to tighten the screw a bit more 
  • You can repeat these steps if this continues and while you are making sure that the door is staying in its place you have to release spring tension in quarter-turn increments 
  • Reconnect the opener after you have done so

Congratulations, you now know how to replace garage door torsion spring

Now that you know how to replace a broken garage door spring, you can fix this issue yourself. It does not matter if you cant as you can always seek professional help. Contacting a professional is not a task as Garage Door Repair Group has a team of experienced and skilled experts. They will reach your place within the stipulated time frame and fix the door of your garage in a jiffy. The brownie point here is that the service is available 24×7. 

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