Replace Broken Garage Door Opener

How to Replace Broken Garage Door Opener?

Getting garage door opener repair service is the first thing that you’re likely to do when your machine stops working. When it is beyond any repair, then an ideal solution will be to replace broken garage door opener. For those of you who are not professionals, installing a new opener may not be easy but it may be risky. We would never want you to get hurt. So, we will be sharing with you a perfect guide to garage door opener installation. 

Before we do that, let us see whether you should replace or fix broken garage door opener.

5 Signs to Replace Broken Garage Door Opener

Sometimes it may be tough to find out whether a repair would do well to fix broken garage door opener or should it be replaced entirely. You can steer away from the confusion and get it replaced when you see the following signs.

  • The garage door parts have not been working for a long time.
  • The door’s balance is unsteady.
  • The remote works but the opener don’t respond smoothly.
  • The garage door doesn’t move even when the trolley carriage works.
  • You can hear an unpleasant noise while operating the door.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

Once you are sure that replacement is necessary, you can consider a few tips in this section to select the right garage door opener. 

When you’re buying a garage door opener, picking the 1/2 hp for a double door and 3/4 hp for a wood overlay door will be great. Also, the garage door openers with a chain drive may cost you less but they make some noise. Openers with screw drives require less maintenance but are a bit pricey than the former. The opener with a belt drive is peaceful and costlier than the other two. 

While we’ll recommend you the garage door opener with the belt drive, we hope you choose the option that fits best into your budget. 

10 Steps to Replace Broken Garage Door Opener

Now, let us look at the 10 steps to replace broken garage door opener safely.

  • Turn off the power to the circuit panel of your garage.
  • Now unplug your broken garage door opener and carefully loosen up the brackets that connect it to the garage’s ceiling. 
  • You will require an open-ended adjustable wrench for the third step. Use the wrench to loosen up and remove the brackets on and above your garage door. 
  • Using a screw gun, place the brackets of the new garage door opener over the machine.
  • The next step is to slide the track into the new brackets with the help of the wrench.
  • The lifting arm of the garage door will now have to be connected to the track.
  • Next, you have to wire the keypad on the inside of the garage and the wire should go through a channel to establish the connection with the motor of the garage door opener.
  • Set the wireless keypad with the screw gun on the outside of the garage. 
  • On the inside of the garage, the electric eyes of the opener should be on a certain level above the floor.
  • Finally, plug in the motor and power it on.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

As you would know, installing something as bulky as the garage door opener can be a great danger for you if you don’t do the job appropriately. So, for those of you who lack the experience, why not consider the pros? At Garage Door Repair Group, we have the expertise of garage door opener installation. We are available 24 hours to serve you at all times. 

Our services are the best and our costs are just too reasonable. Connect with us soon for an excellent garage door opener installation.

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